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Teen Dating Violence as a Public Health Issue

Wyoming Application
for Health Coverage/Medicaid/CHIP:

At Risk Population Profile for Platte County:

We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with us or call ahead to make sure we have nurse staff available. 

»Blood Pressure Checks

This is a free service. We will keep your blood pressure results on a card for you for monitoring purposes only. If we have any concerns regarding your blood pressure, we can make a copy of this card for you to take to your doctor for furtMP900423016her evaluation. 

We do not diagnose or give advice regarding taking your medication. Any concerns about your medication needs to be addressed with your primary healthcare provider (PHP).

However, we can educate you on signs and symptoms of high blood pressure, how and why it occurs, and when to call your PHP or go to the emergency room. We can help you to understand what is considered a healthy blood pressure, so you can better understand your blood pressure results.

»Pregnancy Tests

The fee for a urine pregnancy test is $10.00. If you have Medicaid or if you qualify for Presumptive Eligibility as a pregnant woman, then we will bill Medicaid. 
The result of the test is confidential. We will ask you some questions about birth control method if used, first day of your last period, and signs and symptoms of pregnancy. We recommend you do not come in until you miss a period.

If you have a positive result, we can help you apply for Presumptive Eligibility(PE) as a pregnant woman if you do not have insurance and you meet income guidelines. We will also refer you to an OB/GYN provider and our Maternal-Family Health programs so you are aware of the resources available to you in our community.

If you have a negative result, we will instruct you on what to do next, as well as, educate you in birth control options through our Family Planning Services.

This is a $30.00 fee. You do not need an appointment. If you want more information about diabetes or this test, please go to our diabetes support page or contact us to talk to our Diabetes Support coordinator.

We can educate you about diabetes and its processes, but we cannot make recommendations for your insulin or diabetic medication dosages. For this information, you need to talk to your primary healthcare provider. 

We will monitor your HgA1c and record it in a file to help you keep better track of your results. We can give you a copy to give to your doctor at your request.

»Loan Closet

We have a variety of medical equipment that can be borrowed free of charge for a period of time. Monetary donations are always appreciated. This is a helpful service for the individual who has had surgery or for those in immediate need due to injury.
Some of the equipment we have includes walkers, toilet seat risers, crutches, bath chairs, walking canes, bedside commodes, wheelchairs, etc. 

You can call us to make sure we have the equipment you need. You will be asked to fill out a form, so you can be reached if the equipment isn't returned. You may fill out the form for somebody else if they are unable to come in.

We take and appreciate donations of equipment that can be cleaned and reused.

Call us for information on what equipment we have available and how the loan closet process works:
Contact Us.  

»Tuberculosis Testing (TB)

TB testing or TB risk screening is a $10.00 fee. If you work in healthcare or other high risk occupations, you need to have a TB test every year. Some places even require twice a year. 
MP900308896If it is your very first TB test and going into the healthcare field, some employers require you to have the initial test done twice, 2 weeks apart. 

If you get a positive reading, it does not mean you have tuberculosis. However, you will need to follow up with your primary healthcare provider, and we will provide you with the education and those resources you may need.

From the Center for Disease Control (CDC):

Tuberculosis: General Information

»Vaccine Titers

A Titer is a blood test that checks your immune status to vaccinations or diseases you may have received in the past. There are two types of immunity a person can have:

1. Active Immunity

  • The body’s immune system produces antibodies and cellular immunity which usually lasts for many years to a lifetime.
  • Develops from surviving infection or by vaccination
  • Every individual varies in response and production of antibodies

2. Passive Immunity

  • Immunity transferred from one to another
  • Develops from mother to infant or by blood product such as immune globulin
  • This immunity usually only offers temporary protection during a period of weeks to months
Our nurses will draw your blood and send the blood specimen to the Wyoming Public Health Lab (WPHL) for testing. The WPHL fees are listed below.

We add $15.00 per draw to cover the cost of equipment and nurse time. 
The vaccine titers we draw for testing are:
  • Hepatitis B/$15
  • Mumps/$6.00
  • Measles/$6.00
  • Rubella/$6.00
  • Rubeola/$6.00
  • Varicella (chickenpox)/$6.00             
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