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Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System


2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember telephone number that connects callers, at no cost, to information about critical health and human services available in communities around Wyoming. 






Following are some of the services that we offer:

Walk-In Services
Providing Community Health and Wellness Services to Everyone in Platte County

Platte County Public Health provides many services without an appointment but we strongly encourage you to call us to make an appointment. We have many services and programs that require our nurses to be out of the office. We can't guarantee we will be able to assist you but we will try to our best ability. Check out our "contact us" page for more information. 
MP900423120Walk-In Service


Child and adult vaccination remains the only real defense against many diseases. Without vaccinations, we are all at risk for lifelong health problems and premature death. Immunization is recognized as one of the greatest achievements in the preventions of death and disease in children and adults all over the world.

We require two nurses to give child immunizations. This is our policy for your child's protection. As a result, we prefer families call and schedule an appointment with us. We can't guarantee we will have the nurse staff available to give your child their vaccines at the time you walk in, but we are more than happy to schedule an appointment to accomodate you. Check out our "contact us" page for more information. 




Emergency Preparedness
Platte County Public Health works closely with the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, local emergency planning and management agencies and the County Health Officer to build infrastructure and a response system within our county, which will be put into action in the event of a major emergency. Educating ourselves is one of the most important ways to protect our families. In this way, we can be prepared to respond in case there is an "event".



Maternal-Child Health
MCH provides evidence-based education through various home visiting programs to ensure that all Wyoming families, including those with special health care needs, have access to prevention services and public health programs to create a strong foundation for optimal lifelong health. 

The following are the MCH services we offer:

Children's Special Health (CSH)
Best Beginnings (new Partners for a Healthy Baby curriculum!)
Welcome Home
Breastfeeding Education




Family Planning
Family Planning Services are available to all Platte County women and men. Family Planning provides basic information on a range of contraceptive methods, including factors to consider when choosing a method. 

Family Planning


Diabetes Education and Management

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with diabetes, or if you have had diabetes for years, we can provide you with the most current in diabetes information. However, if you have been newly diagnosed with diabetes, you probably have a lot of questions. We have resources through our loan library, Diabetes Support Group meetings, or one-on-one teaching and counseling with our Diabetes Education coordinator.





Disease Testing
HIV/AIDS, STD, and Hepatitis testing services assist Wyoming citizens by promoting equal access to quality health care, serving as a source of current and reliable information to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS, STD and Hepatitis.


Disease Testing

Reportable Disease List: surveillance and control of infectious diseases throughout the community including: food and waterborne diseases, vaccine preventable diseases, zoonotic diseases, and vectorborne diseases.


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