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Vaccine records are considered Protected Health Information (PHI). We do not release records without this consent signed and proof of ID verified. 

      What You Need To Know


If you choose not to vaccinate your child:
         The Risks


ACIP Vaccine Recommendations

(Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices) 


Links you may be interested in:

FAQs About Vaccines


CDC: Traveler's Health

Wyoming School Immunization Requirements



NOTICE: Child Immunization Clinics (CIC) are on Tuesday and Thursday with appointments only. Please bring insurance information/Medicaid card and/or proof of guardianship if this applies. If your child needs their immunization record entered into the Wyoming State Registry, we ask you bring your child's vaccine record in before scheduling your child's vaccine appointment. 

Check out this website:  Voices for Vaccines, a parent driven organization supported by scientists, doctors, and public health officials that provide parents clear, science-based information about vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases.   

Pro-Child, Pro-Community, Pro-Vaccine.
                                  Most experts think that influenza viruses spread mainly through small droplets containing influenza virus. These droplets are expelled into the air when people infected with the flu cough, sneeze or talk. Once in the air, these small infectious droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are 

Click here for more information on why pregnant women should have the flu vaccine!

Click here for more information on why people with diabetes should have the flu vaccine!
What you need to know before any vaccine is given:       
  • Are you sick today or have an increased temperature (greater than 100.4)?

  • Do you have any allergies to food or medications?

  • Have you ever had a serious reaction to a vaccine?

  • Do you have cancer, leukemia, AIDS, or any other immune system disorder?

  • Do you take cortisone, prednisone, other steroids, anticancer drugs, or x-ray treatments?

  • Have you received a blood transfusion in the last year?                                                            

  • Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant in the next month?                                  

  • Have you received any vaccines in the past 4 weeks?

      Comforting your baby or child:   Be There For Your Child During Shots

From the FDA:  Know Concentration Before Giving Acetaminophen to Infants

            CDC 2019 Recommended Immunization schedule for 
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