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Penny Simonton, RN,BSN                                        Jackie Angle
Platte County Public Health Nurse Manager        Administrative Assistant

 Sara Zappa
 PCPH Preparedness and Response Program Coordinator                                                                                                                           

Nicole Drescher, RN, CLC                      Brooke Gudahl, RN, CLC             
Immunization Program Coordinator         MCH Home Visiting Nurse
Presumptive Eligibility Provider               Breastfeeding Support/Education         
Breastfeeding Support/Education              Presumptive Eligibility Provider  
Children's Special Health Case Manager  Vital Statistics Provider
LT101 Provider

HIV/STD Program Coordinator/Case Manager
Family Planning Coordinator
Chronic Disease Education Coordinator
Presumptive Eligibility Provider
Adolescent Sexual Health Educator
Cancer Prevention Education Coordinator
LT101 Provider


From left to right: Nicole, Brooke, Penny, Jackie, Sara


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