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                                           Our mission is to protect and promote the health of citizens of Platte County. The services we provide are population based. We focus on improving the health status of the population rather than the treatment of individuals. These services are based on three core Public Health principles:


  • Public Health agencies assess the community health status and determine whether the community has adequate resources to address the identified problems.
  • Use the data gathered through the assessment to develop health policies and programs.
  • Assure that necessary, high quality, effective services are available. However, "assure" does not always mean to provide, but to see that services are available.



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The purpose of Public Health is the prevention of disease, the promotion of health, and the limitation of disability. Services are provided by a health care team assisting people in identifying and meeting their own health care needs. Education and information is provided about health maintenance, prevention of illness, promoting healthy behavior, and assisting residents in locating services needed to meet health care needs.

Platte County Public Health is a tax supported agency funded by Platte County. The agency is governed by Platte County Commissioners and the State of Wyoming.

We currently only have flu vaccine for babies. We no longer have adult flu vaccine. Please check with your pharmacy or the Banner Medical clinic for your flu vaccine. 





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